Why Outsource To Corwin Law?

“PLEASURE in the job puts PERFECTION in the work.” 




Ms. Corwin’s extensive background in legal research and writing in a broad scope of practice areas gives her the unique ability to tackle any project with great efficiency. Recognized by her clients as providing clear, concise and compelling legal arguments, in a zealous but yet respectful style, she provides an unparalleled, signature-ready work product. Ms. Corwin never uses “canned” briefs or motions, but rather will apply the black letter law to the unique facts of your client’s case, using her distinct writing style, providing you a customized product which will undoubtedly improve your client’s likelihood of success.

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Outsourcing your legal research and writing projects to Corwin Law allows you to better control the ever-demanding and conflicting deadlines set by statute, the court and your own clients. As you manage all the aspects of your client’s complex cases, spending valuable time on arduous legal research and writing may seem overwhelming, or at a minimum, simply not cost-effective. Outsourcing to Corwin Law enables you to weather those busy periods without having to compromise on comprehensive legal research and detailed legal writing. Corwin Law provides an exceptional word product with rapid turn-around time, relieving your stress and preventing burnout.


Outsourcing to Corwin Law allows you to take on additional work from new or existing clients without the overhead and expense of hiring new staff. Corwin Law can help your bottom line by eliminating the need to hire an associate, which requires a significant investment in both time and money. When you outsource your legal research and writing work to Corwin Law, you pay only for the time it takes to complete the project. Thus, you eliminate the overhead and administrative burdens, both financial and legal, of hiring an employee, including a rise in your malpractice rates.

Moreover, outsourcing to Corwin Law on a project-by-project basis is inherently profitable for attorneys and firms. The American Bar Association has determined that an attorney may make a profit in connection with work performed by a freelance lawyer, as long as the total charges to the client are reasonable. Thus, you can bill your client a fee greater than that charged by Corwin Law, making the nature of outsourcing inherently profitable. Further, regardless of whether or not you choose to charge your client more than you pay for Corwin Law’s legal research and writing services, outsourcing is still cost-effective for your client because even a rate that includes a reasonable profit to you will generally be less than your own hourly rate.

If you represent clients on a contingency basis and assume that outsourcing does not make financial sense because you will be paying Corwin Law out of your own pocket, you should reconsider. Hiring Corwin Law to work on low-value cases frees up your time to devote to higher-value cases; conversely, hiring Corwin Law to provide legal research and writing expertise can offer critical assistance in high-value cases, increasing your client’s chance of success.


Outsourcing to Corwin Law frees you up to use your valuable time in a way that is most efficient for you. Legal research and writing projects are particularly amenable to outsourcing as they are time-consuming and you can outsource as much (or as little) of a project as you would like.

Whether you want to create more time to focus on growing your caseload, managing other more enjoyable aspects of your client’s cases or gaining more time for your personal life, outsourcing to Corwin Law is a cost-effective way to achieve it. Corwin Law has the knowledge and expertise to accomplish labor-intensive legal research and writing tasks more efficiently than an overburdened practitioner, thus reducing your own costs and also saving your client money (even if you add a reasonable profit).